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International Exchange Programs


interACT is a network of international excellence in key areas of the world. It is a model for international teamwork and cooperation and not for export or import of education. The center aims to exchange knowledge and to jointly train students in an environment of international immersion, where students get to know each other and then collaborate and participate in research projects. KIT, CMU, HKUST and Waseda, NICT, IIT, USC and NAIST offer exciting scientific opportunities and scholarships. That’s why one main pillar of interACT is the exchange program, where outstanding students of the partners do their final thesis in one of the partner-labs abroad.


interACT students are financially supported by the eight partners and by the “Baden-Württemberg-Stiftung”, Germany. Up to now, 160 students were supported (for detailed information on the students, please see "Exchange Students"). These exchanges helped establishing about 75 new cooperations between the interACT partners (a list of all cooperating Professors can be found under "Cooperating partners".