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interACT co-operation partners @ CMU

In the last 13 years about 51 professors have hosted 137 interACT-students! Participating professors are:



Prof. Umut Acar, Department of Computer Science
Prof. Jonathan Aldrich, Institute for Software Research (ISR)
Prof. David Andersen, Carnegie Mellon CyLab
Prof. Chris Atkeson, Human-Computer Interaction Institute (HCII)
Prof. Jeremy Avigad, Department of Philosophy and the Department of Mathematical Sciences
Prof. Steve Awodey, Department of Philosophy


Hernan Badino, National Robotic Engineering Center (NREC)
Prof. Alan Black, Language Technologies Institute (LTI)
Prof. Guy E. Blelloch, Department of Computer Science
Prof. Manuel Blum, Carnegie Mellon CyLab
Dr. Randy Bryant, School of Computer Science (SCS)


Dr. Jaime Carbonell, Language Technologies Institute (LTI)
Prof. Emund M. Clarke, School of Computer Science (SCS)


Prof. John M. Dolan, The Robotics Institute (RI)


Prof. Martin Griss, Electrical & Computer Engineering (ECE)


Prof. Martial Hebert, School of Computer Science (SCS)
Prof. James D. Herbsleb, CyLab
Prof. Jessica Hodgins, The Robotics Institute (RI)
Prof. Jason I. Hong, CHIMPS Lab


Prof. Ramayya Krishnan, Carnegie Mellon CyLab
Prof. James Kuffner, The Robotics Institute (RI)


Prof. Ian Lane, NASA Ames Research Park
Grace A. Lewis, Software Engineering Institute (SEI)


Prof. A. Javier Lopez, Department of Biological Sciences


Prof. Bruce M. McLaren, Human-Computer Interaction Institute (HCII)
Prof. Ole Mengshoel, Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering
Prof. Florian Metze, Language Technologies Institute (LTI)
Prof. Gary L. Miller, School of Computer Science (SCS)
Prof. Tom Mitchel, Machine Learning Department (ML)
Prof. Onur Mutlu, Electrical & Computer Engineering


Prof. Eric. Nyberg, School of Computer Science (SCS)


Prof. Mark C. Paulk, School of Computer Science (SCS)
Prof. Andy Pavlo, Parallel Data Laboratory
Prof. André Platzer, Computer Science Department (SCS)
Prof. Nancy Pollard, School of Computer Science, The Robotics Institute (RI)


Prof. Ramamoorthi Ravi, Tepper School of Business


Prof. Mary Shaw, Software Engineering Masters Programs
Prof. Reid Simmons, The Robotics Institute (RI)
Prof. Bruno Sinopoli, Electrical & Computer Engineering Department
Prof. Siddhartha Srinivasa, School of Computer Science (SCS)
Prof. Klaus Sutner, School of Computer Science (SCS)
Prof. Peter Steenkiste, Electrical & Computer Engineering (ECE)
Prof. Richard Stern, Electrical & Computer Engineering (ECE)
Prof. Katia Sycara, The Robotics Institute (RI)


Dr. Manuela Veloso, School of Computer Science (SCS)
Prof. Stephan Vogel, Language Technologies Institute (LTI)


Prof. Alexander Waibel, interACT


Prof. Katsu Yamane, The Robotics Institute (RI)


Prof. Joy Ying Zhang

Former co-operation partners:

Dr. Ralf Kneuper, Software Engineering Institute (SEI)

Prof. Siddhartha Srinivasa, School of Computer Science (SCS)

Prof. Jie Yang, School of Computer Science (SCS)